The Power of Habit on This American Life!

by Charles Duhigg in Uncategorized

I became a journalist, in part, because of the radio program This American Life.

So, it’s an enormous treat for me that this weekend, they are airing a show that is built, in part, around a chapter from my book. If you like (a) This American Life, (b) stories about gambling, (c) stories about people loosing almost $1 million dollars, (d) stories about people suing casinos, (e) The Power of Habit, then might I suggest you check your local listings and tune in?

You can learn about the show here, or find when it will air in your local area here. (Let me know what you think!)

11 Responses to “The Power of Habit on This American Life!”

  1. Wow! What an honor! Congratulations! I will listen for sure.

  2. Alan Kemerer says:

    Have very conservative friend just retired who with his wife goes to Vegas to gamble.regularly. Hope it won’t become a problem…

  3. Brian says:

    Congrats! My friend (also coworker) and I both learned of your book from that segment. We’re both currently reading it now and it’s doing amazing things for us. Our next step is to bring a chapter of the book (the one about the dysfunctional hospital) to the attention of some of the heads of our department at work…it should be required reading.

  4. World Of Warcraft says:

    I don’t comment much, but I sure do love your work! I go to all the stores that you listed as much as I possibly can, since I live in the bay area. LOVE Lacis. My daughter actually worked there for a short time. It is a treasure box isn’t it?! I could spent hours in there.

  5. Wendy says:

    Just finished your book…I should have been one of your subjects…pregnant at 15, 8th grade dropout, and no hope for the future. But I had habits even then, like having lists of what I wanted to get done that day and having to figure our what my next step would be to get what I wanted. By 21 and now with 3 kids, I knew an education was the only road to support them…my ex was useless! So I went to college and am accountant with a 4 year degree and a job I love. My kids are grown, married or engaged, 2 have or are currently attending college, and I have 2 awesome grandkids! Now I understand how I was able to do this with such odds against me…I loved your book and purchased a copy for my aunt who has been trying to quit smoking for years.

  6. Dana says:

    I enjoyed Habit. The chapter on gambling was most compelling.

  7. Marty says:

    From the concatenation of your NPR book review, a bad habit of eating two large Cadbury milk chocolate bars with almonds for lunch, and the $365 mega-million jackpot … an epiphany! Instead of the candy bar and other junk food, I substituted mega-millions lottery tickets (I know, not everyone approves of this, but it has worked for me). For awhile, it was a very expensive transition. But here I am, as of yesterday, forty pounds lighter and going strong (alas, no richer). Months after the book review, I finally did buy your book. Thank you!

    • Marty says:

      Update … as of April 6, it has been a year since I changed that one little habit. Still no richer, but now 61 pounds lighter, and still losing. Friends and family are amazed, as am I. Thanks again!

  8. I finished reading “Power of Habit” a few days ago.

    John Stewart or Steven Colbert should invite you on their programs. Charlie Rose should do a segment.

    I have recommended your book to others to read and explained why it will be beneficial to their personal and professional lives.

    Perhaps there will be a “Power of Habit” sequel?

  9. Sachin Singh says:

    I must say you have shared some useful information. thanks for sharing this. I have subscribed to your blog.

  10. Corky says:

    Just finished your book and am looking forward to identifying the cues that lead to some bad habits of negativity that quite often occur in my workplace.