The Power of Habit Paperback (is out today)

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  Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful over the past two years. It’s enormously kind of you. To a great 2014, and beyond!

Got a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s how to make it stick!

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It’s 2014! Congratulations on making it through another year! If you’re anything like me, New Years is also a great time to take stock and determine how you want to completely transform every aspect of your life. (Or, at least, figure out how to exercise every day. Or, you know, once a month.) Luckily, we’ve…Read More

Das Kapitalism

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One of the nicest things about writing a series like the iEconomy is that it provides an opportunity to reflect on the mission of journalism. I was fortunate to attend the RFK Journalism Awards this week and get exposed to really fantastic investigative work occurring at a variety of news organizations. (This segment, from the…Read More

Welcome Virginia Wesleyan College freshmen and freshwomen!

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Hi! If you happen to be a VWC student, then let me say: welcome to college! You are about to have a great time! (If you’re not a student, a quick note of explanation: VWC is using The Power of Habit as part of their First Year Experience, and so every student will read the…Read More

A Pulitzer Prize

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This blog has become, unfortunately, a bit of a cesspool of bragging. That’s gonna change! I promise! But, in the meantime, I’m receiving a Pulitzer Prize next week, which is nice. So, I thought I would mention it. (The prize is for the iEconomy series, which appeared in the New York Times, and was co-authored…Read More

37 Weeks and 31 Languages

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Thank you. The Power of Habit, as of this writing, has been on the NYT bestseller list for 37 weeks, which is – to be totally honest – kind of surreal. And, it’s been translated into 31 other languages. I did not know that there were 31 other languages. All of that is true because…Read More

The Power of Habit on This American Life!

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I became a journalist, in part, because of the radio program This American Life. So, it’s an enormous treat for me that this weekend, they are airing a show that is built, in part, around a chapter from my book. If you like (a) This American Life, (b) stories about gambling, (c) stories about people…Read More

Infographics! (Or, a flowchart for changing a habit)

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At long last, I have flowcharts! Have you ever been sitting at work, wondering to yourself, “is there a flowchart that can tell me how to change a habit?” Now there is! Please feel free to download, email, post on your wall, send to friends or make paper airplanes out of this handy guide to…Read More

#2 on the New York Times bestseller list

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Thank you to everyone who has helped make The Power of Habit such a success. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. The list, if you are interested, is here.

The Power of Habit on NPR and the TODAY Show

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The folks at Morning Edition and the TODAY Show were kind enough to have me on this week to talk about The Power of Habit. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. Here’s links to the appearances: The TODAY Show NPR’s Morning Edition