37 Weeks and 31 Languages

by Charles Duhigg in Uncategorized

Thank you.

The Power of Habit, as of this writing, has been on the NYT bestseller list for 37 weeks, which is – to be totally honest – kind of surreal.

And, it’s been translated into 31 other languages. I did not know that there were 31 other languages.

All of that is true because all of you have been so kind and generous with your time and enthusiasm – I can’t tell you how thankful I am, and how lucky I feel.

So, thank you. If you drop me an email at charles@charlesduhigg.com, I’ll send you a personal thank you reply.

Here’s to great habits.

2 Responses to “37 Weeks and 31 Languages”

  1. James says:

    When is the flow chart for creating a new habit coming? I need it!
    Great book. It has been 5 days since I started it and it has been so helpful. My keystone habit? Exercise. I’m sure that is very common.
    Perhaps the most significant impact has been that it has caused me to look at almost everything (it seems) in my life and recognize that I can change it. This includes things like getting stressed about having people for dinner at Christmas, reacting a certain way in a conversation with my wife, how I interact with my late teenaged sons, how I spend my Saturdays, etc. It is all up for review now. And seriously, at 54, this is life giving! Why? Because I now can see that change and growth is still possible. I had kind of lost that hope.