I would absolutely love to hear from you. My email address is charles@charlesduhigg.com.

What’s that, you say? You would like to contact me by phone? No problem. It’s 212-556-7477.

If you wish to contact me securely, you can find my PGP public key at


You want to come to my house? Hmmm… Let’s talk about that one first.

In case it’s helpful: If you would like to inquire about a lecture or speaking engagement, Caitlin McCaskey at cmccaskey@randomhouse.com knows all the answers. And, if you have a media inquiry, please feel free to contact Maria Braeckel at mbraeckel@randomhouse.com.


As a quick aside, let me note that I take responding to contact pretty seriously. If you’ve given me your time by reading this site – and, if you’ve been so kind as to give me your money by buying my book – I believe that implies a reciprocal obligation.

So here’s my promise: if you contact me, I’ll contact you back.

What’s more, in keeping with Daniel Pink’s observations – if you don’t think I’m responding fast enough, call me on my cell phone: 234-200-5999. I’ll pick up or call you back. I promise. (That said, I live on the east coast, and have young kids – so please don’t call in the middle of the night.)